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May 27, 2009


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Enjoyed the read. It raised a few more questions.

I wonder what the differences are in Necessity Entrepreneurs in different countries.

Plus, I wonder if the same percentage of Necessity Entrepreneurs from this current recession will go back to traditional jobs as in previous recessions, and if there is a difference, how much?

Could we put that difference down to how easy the web makes it?


My husband lost his job last Tuesday; he is a computer programmer. He never wants to work in an office again, and probably won't have to. The past week he has been "co-working" with other entrepreneurs at local coffee shops. Applying for jobs out of state where he can work from home.
I felt the same way when I quit my advertising job 10 years ago to freelance, then stay at home full time with the kids. Working in a cubicle is *so* 20th century!


I agree with Kim. There are so many options out there besides being stuck in a cubicle working for someone you hate.

Just open your mind and look for it.

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I felt the same way when I quit my advertising job 10 years ago to freelance, then stay at home full time with the kids. Working in a cubicle is *so* 20th century!

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