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March 25, 2008


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Or why not Starbucks bottle their own tap water then energize it with a Vortex Energizer.

Ok, this process maybe left field at the moment but many scientists don't think so. Ask any grounded energy healer and they'll agree.

The Ether, Prana, Chi or whatever label you care to put on it is attracted to the energizer. The water passes through this 'field' and, due to the 'memory' of water, it resonates to a new more evolved state of energy. What you get is very tasty energized water. Brilliant and not as far fetched as some of you may think. Look up Viktor Schauberger, the Austrian Environmentalist on Google or have a look at a couple of vids on my blog.


Donations are tax deductable in US, so your approach does make sense.

I live in the San Francisco area and our mayor and city is pushing restaurants to drop bottled water for environmental reasons. Quite a few have done this.



Why not just drink the cheap water (if you really MUST drink bottled water at all) and donate the difference directly to a charity. I don't know about the USA but direct donations from taxed income in the UK allows the charity to claim the income tax that you've paid. 5cents a bottle sold seems like cheapskating to me!

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