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October 07, 2008


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Financial Crisis makes some small businesses go down..That's the sad part of a business man..

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The term Generation Jones has sometimes been used to distinguish those born from 1954 onward from the earlier Baby Boomers.

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I love your post. It's very informative and give added value for me, thanks a lot.

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I'm glad to see that our country is finally recovering from the financial crisis hopefully this year will be a better year for everybody!

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Thanks for sharing these wonderful information's about baby boomers here.will look after for some more updates..

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This is America's "Fall of Rome", just as it was England's before us. It can be accelerated or slowed, but we are past the point of no return. Baby Boomers such as myself inherited the strongest country in the world's history when it was at its zenith. We are at least 80 percent (if not entirely) responsible for its gradual and ongoing ruin. The Greatest Generation (WWII) was indeed great. Greater still were the Founding Fathers. In each case, what set these generations apart were a willingness to risk much (and in some cases all); to do things which were not popular and/or easy; and, to work to achieve something for the greater good. In general, Baby Boomers are bankrupt on all three counts.

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Financial Crisis makes some small businesses go down..That's the sad part of a business man..

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The good news is only the almost invisible inflection in the downward path of jobs,compared to the severe recession of 1981-82.


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Yeah Really this one of the biggest financial crises in the world. Each and every business area affected because of this financial crises.... Thanks for sharing it. keep posting.

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The whole world is affected by the financial crises.

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So while the financial crisis will likely require many more boomers to work past their planned retirement ages, most baby boomers are well equipped and interested in doing so.

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This financial crisis is about to tear us off.

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Good post.It's unfortunate that so many baby boomers are going to have to work instead of retire -- not because they want to, but because they have to because of the current state of the economy.

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