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December 02, 2008


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Steve King

Kevin: The DOE FY 2009 budget is roughly $25 billion. This does not include the expected increases in infrastructure spend related to energy.

I've had a lot of interesting conversations based on this post and am doing an update tomorrow.


Tim Berry

I'm with you on this Steve, beginning to worry that too many people push ideologies even during extreme situations in which the standard lines should be suspended for a while. It used to be that people and societies would come together and find common ground during a crisis. This time, however, seems like maybe not so much.

I've changed my view on deficit spending. I started this crisis period thinking it wouldn't have been so bad if it weren't for the current administration's deficit spending and wars. I've been convinced by reading others on the subject that in fact that was just coincidence; the real cause is more the financial fantasy world of the last 20 or so years; and what we need now is to correct the fiction, yes, but also more deficit spending in the meantime, to reduce the hurt.

Thanks for your good work on this. Tim.

Kevin Cullis

All government programs are taxing one group of individuals or businesses and giving it to someone else to spend, no matter if the money is well spent or not. However, not ALL programs paid for by the US Govt are good for us and result in something that is worthwhile for us all. The Great Depression lasted too long because the federal government kept it's hands in the economy for too long. Businesses now will be looking, not for business customers, but government hand outs or "infrastructure spending", even though these companies may not be the best solution, the government still pays for it. Obama will only lengthen the recession or even depression. We have a Department of Energy and how much is the budget? Have they solved our energy crises or did they prevent this gas price surge? No. So much for government solutions.

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